Resources & Downloads

Resources & Downloads

For more than 20 years Youth to Youth International has been one of the global front-runners in effective substance abuse prevention and youth development. Out experienced and professional staff work day to day with teens in our local county-wide Youth to Youth program, as well as deliver effective trainings and conferences designed for youth and adults. Youth to Youth can provide high energy, and content trainings for your community that are effective, relevant, practical, and fun!

Youth to Youth 2013 – Evaluation Snapshot

Evaluation data suggest long-term successes associated with Y2Y, as youth continued to report increased knowledge, skills, and values even at 6-month post- conference participation. These findings illustrate the conferences’ long-term impact on youth. Read this informative PDF to learn more.

Essense of Youth to Youth

Effective Research-Based Prevention Programming for Teens.

Prepared by Randi L. Love, Ph.D., The Ohio State University Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Public Health

Utilizing Business, University, and Community Resources to Target Adolescent Prescription Drug Abuse

By Rebecca Wade-Mdivanian, M.S.W., Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Ph.D., Kenneth Halde, Ph.D.,Nicole Kwiek, Ph.D.,Jill Smock, B.S., Dianne Radigan, M.S., and Jessica Lineberger, B.A.

The Youth to Youth Model

  • The Historic Overview
  • Subsequent Supportive Research
  • The Youth to Youth Model Operating in Franklin County, Ohio
  • Evaluation Results

Be Energized – Youth to Youth Energizers (2009)

Check out these energizers that you can do at your next drug-free event! There are some everyday favorites and some Youth to Youth exclusives. Check them out!