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Youth to Youth International’s staff provides high energy, and content trainings that are effective, relevant, practical, and fun!

Youth to Youth International‘s expertise is in effective youth-led prevention initiatives. While we began as a local program serving Central Ohio teens, groups and organizations across the country asked us to share with them our successful youth-led, adult guided model. We started by delivering our summer conference model on-site in a condensed two day mini-conference. By training and engaging community youth and adult volunteers to have an active role in leading the mini-conference, communities began to have a starting point to mobilize their youth and adults in community change. While we continue to offer two and three day mini-conference and staff training, Youth to Youth has a multitude of trainings that we can bring to your school or community to effectively engage youth in positive change, leadership, and advocacy.  You can also talk to our Training Director, Ty Sells and have a training customized to meet your needs. Our goal is to offer an experience that informs and energizes your youth, and the adults who care about them, so they want to continue to build upon that experience to improve themselves, their school, and their community.

Our Training Director, Ty Sells, is available for consultation and can advise which training would be beneficial for you or design a specific training to meet your desired outcomes.

“Youth to Youth has impacted our coalition in so many positive ways. The Y2Y summer conference served to motivate and redirect our youth to a positive vision of how to provide no use messages and be role models for their peers. The Y2Y speakers that have done assembles in our schools have provided engaging and motivating messages to the teens which were all well received. When Ty Sells came to work with the adults in our coalition he was inspiring and served to re-energize our coalition members. Y2Y has been like a transfusion of positivity, energy, and renewed purpose to support our community vision to protect and inspire youth.”

-Alice Joselow, Ossining Communities That Care, Coordinator

For more than 20 years Youth to Youth International has been one of the global front-runners in effective substance abuse prevention and youth development. Our experienced and professional staff work day to day with teens in our local county-wide Youth to Youth program, as well as deliver effective training’s and conferences designed for youth and adults. Youth to Youth can provide high energy, high content training’s for your community that are effective, relevant, practical, and fun!

Youth to Youth will customize our training’s to meet the needs of your program or organization.

Finding Hope

Mental health and leadership keynote for youth or adults.

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The feeling of loss of control is something we all deal with from time to time. It can be frightening and overwhelming, but there is hope. By accepting what you can’t control, learning to manage your attitude and response, and seeking authentic positivity to bring life into balance, you can directly impact the outcome for the better. Learn how mastering your response in difficult situations builds trust that in turn improves your life, relationships, and overall mental health.

Adult Advisor Training

This one-day training is for school personnel, agency staff, prevention professionals, and community adults wanting to gain the skills and knowledge to effectively work with young people.

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Before we can begin to have a positive impact on the emotional and behavioral health of the young people, one must first evaluate our own attitudes toward the relationship between youth and adults. How can we, the adults, ensure the young people we come in contact with have the knowledge and skills to be successful and contribute to the building of healthy communities? Is this something we do ‘for them”, “to them”, or “with them”? The more time we can incorporate the thoughts, ideas, strategies, and skills of the youth; our prevention programming will be more effective and have a greater and longer lasting impact.

This training also addresses that youth-led prevention isn’t just listening to young people, but even harder work of helping them develop their thoughts and opinions into organized effective prevention strategies. And finally, working with them to develop the skills to implement these strategies. These skills should stay with them long after the project is over, well beyond their time in a program, and on into adulthood. This is so critical and important because this life skill development IS the prevention.


“Excellent training! I typically find a training worthwhile if about 25% of it is applicable to my work; this one was 100% useful.  I left inspired and filled with ideas for our group moving forward in the new school year. Thanks!”


A more intensive National Adult Advisor Training is offered as a two day training conference held every fall and spring in different locations across the U.S. Click here for the next upcoming training.

Clear The Air

Engaging Youth in a conversation about marijuana

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Marijuana use is on the rise with high school students across the United States. This increase is often attributed to a lowered perception of risk. Young people think smoking pot is “no big deal” or even “safe”. Much of what they believe is based on myths and organized talking points they have heard from their friends, pro-legalization forces, and even the media. While there are countless ways for students to find accurate information, there are just as many places to find misinformation. This workshop will examine strategies to get behind the smoke screen and engage youth in a conversation about marijuana. A conversation that is free of preaching and politics, but full of the relevant facts to assist youth in making their own healthier decisions.


This workshop can be delivered directly to youth, or to adults who want to learn these practical strategies to educate and debunk the myths when talking to students about marijuana.

Creating Connections That Count



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This presentation is ideal for all of the service learning professionals, who take very seriously the idea of involving young people in their programs. In an interactive and exciting way, participants will learn practical and proven ways to engage and connect with teens. All coalition builders know the value of having young people involved in impacting a community. We must take the time to learn how to inspire those young people. Quality, accurate, relevant information isn’t enough to inspire students to learn. Adults must first establish a connection with their young people before knowledge can be shared. Not just for beginners, “Creating Connections That Count” is for any adult who works with young people. Participants will learn new ideas and techniques, but they will also remember things they have forgotten. It has been said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Making a connection, letting a young person know you care, is the quickest way to get them “ready". Once they are “ready”, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

Learning objectives include: learning how to create an environment conducive to creating connections, the 5 key principles to be more effective with youth, working with youth without suffering burn out, practical techniques to inspire youth, and examining attitudes toward young people.

Creating Connections that Count can also be delivered as a presentation tailored to parents of adolescents helping them learn ways to connect positively with their own kids.