Youth to Youth has been impactful in the lives of thousands, not only during their involvement in the program, but into their adulthood. Shared here are a few of those stories.

Quotes from Teens

“I love Y2Y because it’s a place where I can be 100% who I am, and no matter what, everyone is ok with that!”


“I have grown so much as a leader and a speaker because of the incredible opportunities I have been given through Youth to Youth.”


“Y2Y is a family; people I can be myself with and relate to.”


Quotes from Parents

“All we can hope for is that the kids make smart decisions and do not succumb to peer pressure.  We can also expose them to programs like Youth to Youth and help them realize they have choices in life, allow them to be involved in a program where they can build self confidence, become comfortable with who they are and become leaders and not followers”.

Kevin K., Parent

“I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for this weekend’s Middle School Camp. It was absolutely refreshing to see the gleam in Paige’s eyes and the non-stop chatter at the dinner table reviewing the events of this weekend. This child totally dominated the conversation, it was more than okay, because she could not express enough just how much she could not wait until the Summer Conference to see everyone again.

“If one weekend can impact her so strongly, I am eagerly anticipating the impact that can be made with regular attendance at the meetings and future events. I am just saddened that others were not exposed to what Y2Y International has to offer teens.”

Crystal R., Parent

“My daughter walked through the doors of Conference Monday morning, scared and nervous. I was so impressed when I picked her up Thursday. The glow on her face, her back a little more straight and her head held a little higher, were just a few things that jumped out at me. She talked about the conference all evening and is already planning a budget so that she can attend next year!

“I don’t know everything that you do but I do know that you all put in so much work to make these conferences happen. But more than that, you put your hearts in it! That is what makes the difference!”

Tasha S, Parent

Quotes from Youth to Youth Alumni

“Y2Y remains one of the most influential experiences of my life although probably not for the anti-drug message reasons in hindsight although I have to this day never gone down that path. It was more because of the leadership empowerment and power of positive peer engagement lessons that I left with. It was such a critical part of my adolescence and it helped form in me a self-confidence and a belief in the power of humanity to help and heal itself.”

Rabbi Scott Aaron

“My time with Y2Y has truly made me a better person. I am far more comfortable with public speaking, I feel as though I am a much better leader, and my drug-free decision has been reinforced ten-fold. Most importantly, however, I have made countless new friends and memories during my time with the program. I was placed on Youth Staff for my first Conference, an opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. During that week, I became much closer to the other staff members, which really helped me “come out of my shell” and be myself at YAB. After my second and final Conference on Youth Staff, I realized that these times with Youth to Youth would be the memories that I treasure the most from high school.

“I have truthfully never felt as close to any other group of friends as I do to my Y2Y family. I want to thank the entire Y2Y staff for encouraging me to get involved and stay in the program, as well as for selecting me to be on Youth Staff for the Conferences. Thanks for making the past two years of my life so amazing!”