Adult Staff Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in serving as volunteer adult staff at our 2022 Youth to Youth International Summer Training Conference.

Youth to Youth has been the premiere youth development program since its inception in 1982.  As adults you will come away from conference rejuvenated by positive, drug free teens and a true partnership of teens and adults working together. The staff training for conference will equip you with the knowledge and skills (and staff manual!) for you to take back to your community and share with others.

For the safety of our participants we do require that ALL adult staff have current background checks.  Information about this process will be emailed to you after your application is submitted.

To be eligible to serve as adult staff, you must meet the following criteria by Summer 2022:

  • Have completed your 2nd year in college or be at least 20 years old.
  • Be available for the entire mandatory staff training sessions, entire conference and closing. If you need a letter describing the program and requesting your employer or school to release you for the week of the conference, please let us know.
  • Staff Training Beginning June 27th at 9:00am, Staff Closing Ending at 4:00pm on July 1st.
  •  Be willing to fulfill the Youth to Youth conference staff responsibilities (below).
Staff Responsibilities

As a member of staff, you have an important job for this Youth to Youth Conference.
Please observe these responsibilities with a professional attitude.

  • Participate fully in entire staff training preceding the conference, all conference activities, and nightly staff meetings
  • Plan with your co-facilitator prior to and everyday during this conference.
  • Co-Facilitate a family group. This is a team role. You should be on time to all family group sessions, prepared with necessary materials.
  • Co-facilitate or participate with a youth action group.
  • Conduct a dorm meeting on the first day of conference to inform participants of rules.
  • Be present, on time and positive during all events.
  • Participate in security assignments including: dorm sweeps during presentations, meals, and activities.
  • Serve as a positive example for participants during the week. Encourage and exhibit appropriate behavior.
  • Observe appropriate physical and social contact with participants and other staff members with respect to personal boundaries, i.e. hugging, dancing, physical space, isolated interactions and warm fuzzy messages.
  • Remember that even though the adults are ultimately responsible for the program, the youth staff are valuable leaders. In our usual daily roles, adults are authority figures who direct young people. In this situation, adults are asked to facilitate, not dominate.  Let the youth staff develop leadership skills by allowing them to facilitate and interact with the young people.
  • Clothing should be constructed and worn in such a manner that is not unduly revealing nor should clothing be worn so that undergarments are revealed.