Well Connect

Well Connect Program

WellConnect is a program created for teens ranging from 6th – 12th grade that uses both individual and group activities, as well as group discussions to help youth identify their personal wellness style. During the program teens will learn skills that they can use on a daily basis that promote mental toughness and resiliency.

Each session is approximately an hour long and can be presented as a 5 day training or a 5 week training, based on your organization’s preference. This curriculum is designed to be held over Zoom or in person with content that can be tailored to the needs of your community.

The sessions

Through individual and group activities, as well as group discussions,
teens will learn the basics of what wellness is. Every session begins with a Get-Acquainted-Activity and a brief mindfulness exercise. Teens scale how they are feeling before and after the mindfulness activity. By scaling how they feel before and after the mindfulness practice, teens are learning to tune-in to what’s going on in their mind and body, and that they can take practical steps to center themselves to address discomfort.  The importance of paying attention and taking notice of what we are thinking and feeling is woven throughout the course.  When a teen can recognize and pay attention to what they need to renew themselves, they are more likely to prepare and respond to life in more empowered and helpful ways. Each session ends with a closing activity.


Session 1: Intro to Wellness
In this session, we define what Wellness is and why it’s important. Art activities and discussion questions are used in helping teens draw their own conclusions about what Wellness means to them. We also begin to address how Wellness is not a goal, rather, it is something we develop and cultivate purposely throughout our lives.

Session 2: Grow Grit
This session focuses on what we do cultivate Wellness for the long run. Through art activities and group discussion we explore the concept of ‘Grit’ and the importance of anticipating difficulties so we can prepare and respond to them out of an empowered place. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of choosing to be our own advocates and taking ownership of what we can control.

Session 3: Set it Up With Self Talk
In this session, we breakdown the most practical way a teen can grow their grit, and cultivate their Wellness: How they talk to themselves. Teens will learn about the Chain of Behavior and how our thoughts impact our behavior. Through guided discussion and break out groups, teens will learn to identify the 10 types of toxic thoughts, and how to reframe those toxic thoughts.

Session 4: Restorative Practices
We introduce the 7 Dimensions of Wellness and condense them into 3 categories for understanding ourselves: Mind, Body, and Soul. We then introduce the 4 Elements of Renewal for refueling ourselves: Rest, Restore, Connect and Create. In this session, we focus on understanding what our bodies and brains need to develop our Wellness. Discussion questions and art activities are used to help teens personalize what effective ‘input’ and ‘output’ activities could work to renew their well-being.

Session 5: Create Your Wellness Plan
In this final session, each teen will create their own, personal wellness plan. As they do this, they will also learn how to tell if preferred activities chosen actually produce wellness. By doing this, teens will be equipped to reassess and adjust their specific plans as needed. Having a simple, adaptable template gives participants a frame work for understanding how Wellness can be effectively cultivated in their lives , taking into consideration their unique interests and needs. This makes the pursuit and consistent development of Wellness attainable and longstanding.

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