Attacking Tobacco Advertising and Availability

Every day, more than 1,200 people in this country die from a smoking related illness. For each of those deaths, at least two youth or young adults become regular smokers. Almost 90% of those replacement smokers smoke their first cigarette by age 18 and 99% start before age 26. Youth focus is the key to effective tobacco prevention

Youth to Youth teens are fighting back

In 2015, Y2Y teens formed the ATAAC Squad, which stands for Attacking Tobacco Availability and Advertising in our Communities. Thanks to the efforts of Columbus Public Health (CPH) and Franklin County Public Health (FCPH) and sponsorship by Ohio Department of Health (ODH) we are able to focus on tobacco prevention by Recruiting and Developing a teen task-force, creating counter-marketing advertisements, collecting local data on tobacco retail, performing under-cover compliance checks to ensure stores aren’t selling, and reporting and advocating to policy makers.

Join The Summer Conference

Nationally, Youth to Youth is the recognized leader for engaging youth in positive change. Each summer, Youth to Youth offers tremendous leadership opportunities for high school students and the adults who work with them. Our one-of-a-kind conference experience, led by trained teens alongside adults, is the training that groups across the country count on annually to serve as a vital catalyst to initiate or improve their youth prevention programming.

By attending one of our four-day conferences, students will meet and befriend drug-free teens from all over the country, develop skills to make positive choices, attend interactive and informative workshops, hear nationally known speakers, develop action plans to create change back home in their schools and communities, learn vital leadership qualities and skills they can use for a lifetime, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Join The Squad

The ATAAC Squad is an organization of smaller groups working together, with the main force operating out of Y2Y’s Youth Advisory Board. School ATAAC Squads are starting all throughout Franklin County and are a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills, create ad campaigns with your name on them, and positively influence your community.

Email Nate Biggs ( or drop your name and e-mail address below and we’ll invite you to the next ATAAC activity!