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De’Marco Fomby

Welcome our newest speaker to the Youth to Youth Speaker Service.  While he is new to Youth to Youth , De’Marco is not new to youth audiences.  For the past decade, De’Marco Fomby has been working to live out his passion — inspiring and motivating young people to become the absolute best they can be. Using his background in music, sports, and mentoring,  he encourages middle and high school students to think for themselves and to make choices based on what benefits them in the future, rather than the here and now. De’Marco aims to help teens understand that there is power in their passions, and through those passions, they can change the world with their influence.

De'Marco Antjuan Fomby, a.k.a. "Marco",  is a native of Anniston, Alabama but spent most of his teenage years in the Jackson, Mississippi area. Growing up under the tutelage and philosophy of his father, international speaker, and presenter Marc Fomby, De'Marco had the opportunity to accompany and/or fill in for his father at a very young age. While filling in for his father at an event, he was asked his personal views on his father's "Message in the Music" presentation. Once the 16-year-old De'Marco began to speak, he began to find his own voice and leave his mark on all who would listen.

 With a background as a camp counselor and youth mentor, De'Marco spent the majority of his teenage years working with children of all different ages and backgrounds. With a deep passion for music, sports, art, food, and Disney movies, De'Marco's ability to connect with teens on their level is something that allows him to appeal to a variety of audiences.

De'Marco spent his collegiate career chasing his passion for music by joining bands, vocal ensembles, learning how to play multiple instruments, and performing in show choir. These things prepared De'Marco with the technical tools of stage presence, inflection, and projection, but most importantly with the understanding that music has the ability to penetrate people's hearts and speak to them in ways a normal conversation cannot.
 Professionally, De'Marco has served the last 12 years as a junior consultant for FTC Prevention Services, The Youth Outreach Specialist for SAFE KIDS Mississippi, and as the Youth Programs Coordinator for The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi. In these roles, De'Marco has worked with middle schools, high schools, and colleges all across the country developing presentations, coordinating conferences, and implementing programs and prevention strategies ranging from AlcoholTobacco, and Other Drug prevention, to Youth Highway Safety, Juvenile Justice, Bullying, and Leadership.

With De'Marco's personal plethora of gifts and talents, he's able to introduce the opportunity for youth to examine themselves, unlock their own gifts and talents, and embrace the philosophy of P.L.A.Y. ( Positive Leadership Among Youth ).

Gandhi said, " Be the change you want to see. " So, De'Marco motivates and inspires teens to do exactly that, but reminding them that it doesn't and will not look the same from everyone. He wants them to be able to leave their own PERSONAL stamp on this world, and by doing so, their peers are inspired and empowered to do the same. De'Marco says there's nothing more dangerous than a passionate teenager because when they are PASSIONATE, there's nothing they can't do! "When they get passionate about the way things are going in the world, they'll change it. They just need the wisdom, experience, and most importantly the support and belief of the elder generation to steer them in the right direction."

     De'Marco firmly believes that the youth of today can change the temperature of the world around them. Everyone doesn't have to sing, dance, act, play instruments or sports. Things like compassion, integrity, humility, honesty, and an uncompromising spirit are all gifts that should be utilized to their full potential. In the words of The Beatles...

"All you need is love... LOVE is all you need!"

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