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Shaun Derik

For over 10 years, speaker, director, and performing artist, Shaun Derik has dedicated his life to helping people, young and old, reconnect with their passion. Through his dynamic message delivery, which is a blend of music and comedy, audience members leave Shaun’s presentations feeling motivated and energized; as a result are encouraged to take massive steps towards the achievement of their vision and life-long goals.

Meet Shaun Derik

Nationally recognized speaker and empowerment coach, Shaun Derik has dedicated his life to the betterment of young people for more than a decade. Affectionately known as "The Speaker for the Dreamer," his message is genre resistant and addresses the key components necessary for the success of the 21st century student.

His blend of motivation, comedy, live music and dance gives Shaun an uncommon edge, making him a competitor in the world of youth engagement. Students deemed to be disruptive, unreachable, or simply unengaged have benefited from his unique approach to teaching.

Shaun was once a struggling student barely able to pass any of his classes. His relationship with a caring teacher who noticed his musical talent would teach Derik the importance of encouragement and hard work. It was then that he learned, "Success doesn't happen on accident... It happens on purpose."


I82A0051Stage Introduction

For years this dynamic speaker has been impacting lives across the country with his powerful message to never give up. Through film, comedy and music he has had the opportunity to reach and inspire thousands of young people nationwide. This presentation will inspire you to push yourself regardless of previous doubt or failure. All the way from New York City, please welcome Shaun Derik.


Dreams & Detours (Keynote)

Using the metaphor, life is a song, Shaun teaches listeners to pay attention to the music playing in their heads and to be mindful of negative influences and how we treat others. Just like the components of a successful production, this presentation challenges you to learn, practice, and perform positive habits. With a strong background in the performing arts, Shaun combines the importance of vision and an awareness of the world around us with an unbeatable plan of success. He tells the story of his own struggles while exercising his acting muscles, displaying years of conservatory dance training, and ending every conflict-filled story with a powerful message to never give up.


I82A0028Use Your Inside V.O.I.C.E.S. (Keynote/Teen Workshop)

Never before have we lived in a time where so much power is at our finger tips. Though new technology has made life more convenient for some, social media and reality programming has made mindless behavior, bullying, and a lack of respect for others widely acceptable – making it hard for others to feel important. In the timely presentation, Use Your Inside V.O.I.C.E.’s , Shaun recounts his most burdensome years in grade school and how  “finding his voice” helped him resolve his issue of not fitting in, having no passion, and his fear of standing up for himself and others. Using the V.O.I.C.E. system, students will learn the tools necessary to project their true self and become agent of change in their homes, schools, and communities.


Saying Something (Adult Workshop)

Nationally acclaimed youth speaker and empowerment coach Shaun Derik takes us on a journey into the minds of some of the most influential people of our time exploring the common trait that made them all famous; proper communication. With a person-to-person approach, Saying Something delves into the world of public speaking teaching adults how to be sincere, direct and transparent when dealing with young people. This workshop promotes connectivity over conversation and lives up to Shaun's personal mantra: "Speaking is easy... saying something is the hard part."


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