Potential Presenter:

Thank you for your interest in providing a workshop to the participants at one of the 2018 Youth to Youth International Summer Training Conferences.  Youth to Youth strives to provide teens and their adult advisors with up-to-date, accurate information on topics that will assist them in their peer prevention programming efforts.

The following information is provided for potential workshop presenters:

For Whom:  Participants, youth and adults, from across America and around the world who are promoting a drug-free lifestyle.

Your Role: Present unique, creative ideas and provide skill-building opportunities for others at the conference.  We encourage workshops to be interactive and not solely based on lecturing and question and answer.  Conference participants prefer presentations which focus on “how to” information, which will assist them in accomplishing goals in their own schools and communities.  Topic areas include but are not limited to:  Bullying, Healthy Relationships, Stress and Anxiety, Dating Violence, Media Influences, Suicide, Distracted Driving, Depression, Youth Obesity, Underage Drinking, Tobacco, Hookah, E-Cigarettes, Marijuana, Prescription Drug Misuse, etc. Most workshops are approximately 45-60 minutes in length.

Capital University, Columbus, Ohio

June 18th +  June 19th 

Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC

July 11th + July 12th 

Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island

July 27th + July 28th
Workshop Information


In order to maintain the spirit of the Youth to Youth philosophy we offer these suggestions for you as you plan your workshop.  Tobacco, alcohol and other drug-free living for minors must be promoted.  Presenters are expected to be positive role models.

We ask that your workshop be well organized, interesting to teens and actively involve the participants.  Please keep in mind that the presentation time will be approximately 45 minutes for a Youth Led Workshop and 60 minutes for an Extreme Skills Session (Adult-Led Workshop) in length and workshop sessions will be repeated.


All workshop presenters must have handouts or something tangible to distribute to workshop participants.  Unless told otherwise, you should plan on having thirty (30) items available for each Youth Led Workshop session and Fifty (50) items available for each Extreme Skills Session (Adult-Led Workshop).  Each workshop is conducted twice one right after the other.


We are unable to pay honorariums except for major large group presentations.


A mix of adults and youth will be selected to lead workshops.  Preference will be given to those also attending the conference.  All workshops must be planned in advance and a thorough outline submitted.


Acceptance calls will be made prior to the conference for which you have applied.  Information regarding exact dates and times for your workshop will be discussed at this time.